Above average temperatures, average rain fall and average soil moisture levels, the early snow that fell around parts of Canterbury in April may have been at odds with these weather predictions but how does or can one accurately predict such an event? From time to time the property market has similar unpredictable volatility and it’s vital as you consider property transactions either as a buyer or seller (or both…) that you receive professional advice. Unfortunately there’s no crystal ball when it come to property and no one can be ever be entirely 100% precise but a skilled agent with the right tools and market knowledge will provide a supported and accurate evidential appraisal of your property based on factual information…not a guestimate.

At Harcourts or Country Partners have developed a reputation as skilled rural lifestyle agents that work and live in the local market, with access to the very latest information and tools that provide them the ability to more accurately appraise rural lifestyle properties. More people are seeing the benefits of working with Harcourts here in Canterbury, Harcourts agents completed nearly one in three of all lifestyle sales within the Canterbury districts of Waimakariri, Hurunui and Selwyn over the last twelve months.

Prices in the lifestyle market are still solid and we currently have strong enquiry in all areas of Canterbury, whilst stock levels may be expected to drop slightly through the winter months we still have some wonderful offerings if your looking for a new opportunity. Many of our Canterbury properties will be looking stunning in the coming months as the late autumn colours of our trees provide a differing aspect that is astatically pleasing.

During Autumn we do however need to undertake our pre winter maintenance, it pays to make sure our drainage is clear, debris is removed from our gutters etc. Often it’s too late to sort this out when a winter event hits us, and be extra careful when up ladders…don’t be too proud to get the experts in when needed.

If you are looking expert help with your lifestyle property or livestock then view list of local Canterbury service providers.

It pays to also again plan for our winter livestock movements, think ahead about rotating stock, feed can get low in the winter, the livestock nutritional requirements can increase with the colder weather, so be prepared with adequate additional feed if necessary.

We have our winter edition of the popular ‘We Sell Rural Lifestyle’ due out soon, our team of Lifestyle agents can help secure your spot in this now, and are happy to undertake a free no obligation appraisal of your lifestyle property.